Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Treats!

For Easter I made chick cupcakes and also did rice-krispie treat eggs.

Frosted cupcake with colored sugar on it. (To get colored sugar- add food coloring and stir. If using a gel- thin with water first then mix into sugar - may have to let dry before using to break up clumps) Dip frosted cupcake into colored sugar!
Pipe wings with a number 102 tip 
Add chocolate chip "eyes" and dot with white frosting (using tip #2)
Pipe orange beak and feet with tip #4

Now for the rice-krispie eggs!! I make rice-crispies and formed into the shape of an egg after set some I reformed them to get the exact shape I was looking for (and to reattach the loose spots!) I then piped on the grass and flowers using sandwich baggies with the tip cut off (had extra frosting from a previous project that needed to be used up!) After they "set-up" I put them into muffin liners!

The entire batch boxed and ready to go!

               ON DISPLAY!!!
 (thanks A.P. for my cupcake stand!)

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