Monday, April 23, 2012

I was "hired" to make a princess cake for my Hubbies cousin's little girl (say that 10 times fast!)

Up first a two layer round cake. Here it is crumb coated and waiting for fondant!

Fondant (made in advance) being mixed in a plastic baggie; which was sprayed with cooking spray to avoid sticking. I added my coloring and mixed till evenly colored. I then sprayed my counter with cooking spray and rolled the fondant large enough to cover the cake, smoothed, and trimmed off excess.

Here is the cake with a "quilted" top and a rounded lip!

Sheet cake in butter cream waiting to set so I can smooth it (done by waiting for a slight crust on frosting then use a paper towel and lightly rub over cake! If the paper towel is textured it WILL show up on the cake)

Smoothed cake with round cake in place!

All decorated (pre-jewels) I added some edible glitter to the top of the round cake for extra sparkle!

Cupcakes with a simple flower ribbon texture on  top! 

Sorry this last pix is a little blurry!

Cake with added jewels! Great job adding the Bling Brittany it really added a LOT to the overall design!!!

Beautiful     Birthday   Girl!!!!!!          

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